Wyrmwood Hall

Session 4 - The Werewolf Hunt

  • The next morning, party wakes up, some with a huge hangover.
  • Ashe Tealeaf is already having breakfast below whilst chatting with a hung over Gus.
  • They leave the inn and head over to Albert's smithy, to gear up for this hunt.
  • They meet Albert, already hammering some metal at the forge. They try some friendly conversation, but Albert wants none of it. He just wants to get back to his work.
  • Party heads into Wyrmwood Forest.


  • They travel to the point where Alice had been ambushed on the road to start their search for the Werewolf.
  • Clitolas finds some old tracks that lead into the forest.
  • During the night, the party gets attacked by a pack of wolves. 
  • It's a close call for Clitolas, but eventually the party manages to defeat the wolves. 
  • After the fight, Akrisae sees the form of a beautiful woman with green hair among the trees.
  • When he goes look for her, all he finds is a spot on the ground with some weird green stuff.
  • Viktor cleans the bite wounds, and finds some weird liquid in the wounds. He cures all of the ones who got bitten.


  • The next day party continues tracking the Werewolf. As they are walking the forest gets more and more like a swamp. Sick trees, strange brownish goo drooping from branches… They suddenly notice that they are being followed.
  • They call out, and this weird medium-sized walking tree-like creature steps out of the foliage. It has fireflies flying around where its head probably is.
  • It motions the party to follow him, and after some discussion they comply.
  • The party follows the tree creature, and eventually enter this circle of healthy green trees in a sea of sickly and swampy trees.
  • Other tree creatures come out and they surround the party. All of them have fireflies around their heads, and all the flies are flying around franticly.
  • The tree creature who led them here steps forward, and all the fireflies converge above his head.
  • He starts showing pictures as the fireflies start organizing in all these psychedelic images of a large sickly tree, a wolf in chains and a beautiful woman.
  • The party understands that these Tevi (as Viktor remembers reading about these creatures) wants the party to help them get rid of the sickness in the forest, and that the wolf and woman have something to do with it.
  • They show the party a seed, and as they plant it, a few seconds later a tree sprouts from the ground, large enough to hold a group of people and offering them complete cover.


  • Party continues and eventually they find the big Wyrmtree like the Tevi showed with the firefly images. It is bigger than any of the other tree they have seen so far, brown goo is dripping down from all of its branches. It is clearly dying. It roots spread out over this rock formation, and between the roots they see the mound of a cave. 
  • The party stays hidden among the foliage and Clitolas sends out his pseudo dragon to scout the mound of the cave. Alas the pseudo dragons flies into the wall above the mound of the cave, and makes some sound.
  • 2 Wolves rush out and snap at the pseudo dragon. One of the wolves manage to get is jaws in the throat of lil' Bob, but he manages to just get out with, barely hanging on to life.
  • Now other creatures show up. Some goblins look out of the cave.
  • Party now knows that there are other creatures than just the werewolf.
  • A battle ensues with some wolf riding goblins. When all of a sudden they hear a booming voice: "You woke Suzie!!!!" As an angry ogre rushes out of the cave.
  • Party eventually manages to kill all their opponents and proceed inside the cave.
  • They find a pregnant wolf, exhausted after just giving birth to some little wolf puppies.
  • The party kills of the wolf, and the puppies.
  • In the back of the cave, they see a natural grown staircase leading up to another floor.














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