Born out of mystical energy (and sex, duh!), forest elves are a special breed. Clitolas grew up in the deepest of forests, learning the ways of nature. At the young age of 86 he was forced to leave the safety of the forests due to voluptuous reasons.
He quickly had to adapt to the cold, stone buildings and the egocentric human race. Intrigued but also disgusted by their ways, he will never really embrace their kind. On the other hand he feels the deep connection between man and elf that was formed many eons ago and knows there are rare, pure and decent people out there that are worth defending in this tough, and dangerous part of the realm.
The rest of them are to be despised, looted and/or hunted down! Like vermin. Pesky little things! They have no need for valuables or their lives, it all belongs to Clitolas!

Name: Clitolas
Age: unknown, adult (estimated to be around 120 years old)
Likes: Wood elves, trees, shooting stupid people, looting, meditating, titties
Dislikes: High Elves (f*cking almighty hipster posing *ssholes), humans (most of them), rolling a natural 1


Clitolas was born and raised in a moderately sized Wood Elf village deep in the forest. As he grew he was taught the ways of his people: hunting for game, living off the bounty of the forest but at the same time respecting the delicate balance of his habitat.
But Clitolas was also groomed from an early age to track down a different kind of prey. His family had been the protectors of the village for many, many generations. They were in charge of keeping the peace, investigating wrongdoing, hunting fugitives, protecting their way of life, and upholding the laws of their society. Clitolas became one of the village’s finest marksmen even at an early age.
When he reached adolescence, Clitolas was one of the most respected and worshipped people in the village. However, as so many times before, it’s a dangerous mix to be young, powerful, worshipped and full of testosterone. He would start to spy on the noblemens daughters when they were using the bathing grounds. Disguised as a tree, it took a while for him to get caught. In the end it was the growing branch around his waist area that gave him away.
Ashamed, he wanted to apologize to the wood elven king of the forest. What he found however was the queen, alone while the king was out hunting. Lonely and horny, the queen tried to seduce Clitolas. He needed all his mental powers to refuse the queens sexy offer. However the queen had a trick up her sleeve. She offered Clitolas a drink and secretly added a mysterious concoction, which got in her posession via a roaming tiefling called Rohypnolias.
The next thing he remembers is waking up next to a naked queen, with the king hanging over him, screaming and shouting. It was the guilty plee of the queen that rescued him from a certain death by the kings sword. But because he had tasted the queens fruits, albeit unconscious, which is a very serious crime, he was banished from the forest


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