Wyrmwood Hall

Session 3 - Arrival at Wyrmwood Hall

  • The party awakens in the Full Star Inn, fully rested from their venture into Windkeep Citadel the day before.
  • They meet up with Welsh Notley, who tells them that the carts have been returned by the Thieves Guild.
  • They ride out of Dawnside with the break of dawn. As they reach the edge of the Wyrmwood Forest, they hear loud bells ring in the distance. They look back and see that the city is in uproar. Large winged forms rise to the sky from Windkeep Citadel, the gates are closing… Party GTFOs.
  • During the 3-day trip towards Wyrmwood Village

    • Clitolas finds a pseudodragon being attacked by a Giant Constrictor Snake and saves it. Meet Belzebub(?)
    • Party hears the supernatural sound of a wolf howling in the night. Viktor deduces that those are howls of a werewolf.
  • Party arrives at Wyrmwood Village
  • Welsh asks party nervously to meet up with him later, he has something he needs to do first.
  • Party press on the matter to hear what is wrong
  • After some investigative work, party finds out that he has to deliver a highly illegal substance to his sister Alice, who is sick. Welsh got this substance from the thieves guild. That is how the guild could strongarm Welsh so easily, because he needs it to help his sister, but nobody can know about his sister's affliction. 
  • Party accompanies Welsh to the mill where Alice and her husband Bob live. Party finds out that Alice has been bitten by a werewolf, the substance (Moonshade Essence) is the only thing that can keep the lycanthropy from overtaking her body.
  • Party makes a deal with Welsh, Viktor will make a cure for Alice, if Welsh promises to keep silent about their agreement, about the party accompanying him to Wyrmwood Village, to act like he never met them before. Welsh agrees with the deal.
  • Party then moves on to the village, where preparation for the festival of Pelor on summer solstice is underway. Already there are games and music.
  • Party joins in some of the fun:

    • Copros participates in the armwrestling competition and wins.
    • Clitolas buys the strongest drink he can find from a dwarven merchant from Bhar Darihm, and gets so wasted he can't talk anymore and can hardly walk.
    • Phallus races against the gnome Ashe Tealeaf and wins.
    • Copros participates in the dance at dusk, and seduces one of the ladies present with his sensual Tecktonik moves. However, his dancing skill are a bit better than his love making skills…
  • Party asks Ashe to accompany them on the hunt for the werewolf, Ashe agrees as nobody has bested her before in a race.
  • Party retires to the inn, and meet Gus the innkeeper. He tells them a bit more about the guild and its history. Party ask him if he knows anything about a werewolf, but Gus says he doesnt.



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