Wyrmwood Hall

Session 4 - The Werewolf Hunt

  • The next morning, party wakes up, some with a huge hangover.
  • Ashe Tealeaf is already having breakfast below whilst chatting with a hung over Gus.
  • They leave the inn and head over to Albert's smithy, to gear up for this hunt.
  • They meet Albert, already hammering some metal at the forge. They try some friendly conversation, but Albert wants none of it. He just wants to get back to his work.
  • Party heads into Wyrmwood Forest.


  • They travel to the point where Alice had been ambushed on the road to start their search for the Werewolf.
  • Clitolas finds some old tracks that lead into the forest.
  • During the night, the party gets attacked by a pack of wolves. 
  • It's a close call for Clitolas, but eventually the party manages to defeat the wolves. 
  • After the fight, Akrisae sees the form of a beautiful woman with green hair among the trees.
  • When he goes look for her, all he finds is a spot on the ground with some weird green stuff.
  • Viktor cleans the bite wounds, and finds some weird liquid in the wounds. He cures all of the ones who got bitten.


  • The next day party continues tracking the Werewolf. As they are walking the forest gets more and more like a swamp. Sick trees, strange brownish goo drooping from branches… They suddenly notice that they are being followed.
  • They call out, and this weird medium-sized walking tree-like creature steps out of the foliage. It has fireflies flying around where its head probably is.
  • It motions the party to follow him, and after some discussion they comply.
  • The party follows the tree creature, and eventually enter this circle of healthy green trees in a sea of sickly and swampy trees.
  • Other tree creatures come out and they surround the party. All of them have fireflies around their heads, and all the flies are flying around franticly.
  • The tree creature who led them here steps forward, and all the fireflies converge above his head.
  • He starts showing pictures as the fireflies start organizing in all these psychedelic images of a large sickly tree, a wolf in chains and a beautiful woman.
  • The party understands that these Tevi (as Viktor remembers reading about these creatures) wants the party to help them get rid of the sickness in the forest, and that the wolf and woman have something to do with it.
  • They show the party a seed, and as they plant it, a few seconds later a tree sprouts from the ground, large enough to hold a group of people and offering them complete cover.


  • Party continues and eventually they find the big Wyrmtree like the Tevi showed with the firefly images. It is bigger than any of the other tree they have seen so far, brown goo is dripping down from all of its branches. It is clearly dying. It roots spread out over this rock formation, and between the roots they see the mound of a cave. 
  • The party stays hidden among the foliage and Clitolas sends out his pseudo dragon to scout the mound of the cave. Alas the pseudo dragons flies into the wall above the mound of the cave, and makes some sound.
  • 2 Wolves rush out and snap at the pseudo dragon. One of the wolves manage to get is jaws in the throat of lil' Bob, but he manages to just get out with, barely hanging on to life.
  • Now other creatures show up. Some goblins look out of the cave.
  • Party now knows that there are other creatures than just the werewolf.
  • A battle ensues with some wolf riding goblins. When all of a sudden they hear a booming voice: "You woke Suzie!!!!" As an angry ogre rushes out of the cave.
  • Party eventually manages to kill all their opponents and proceed inside the cave.
  • They find a pregnant wolf, exhausted after just giving birth to some little wolf puppies.
  • The party kills of the wolf, and the puppies.
  • In the back of the cave, they see a natural grown staircase leading up to another floor.













Session 3 - Arrival at Wyrmwood Hall

  • The party awakens in the Full Star Inn, fully rested from their venture into Windkeep Citadel the day before.
  • They meet up with Welsh Notley, who tells them that the carts have been returned by the Thieves Guild.
  • They ride out of Dawnside with the break of dawn. As they reach the edge of the Wyrmwood Forest, they hear loud bells ring in the distance. They look back and see that the city is in uproar. Large winged forms rise to the sky from Windkeep Citadel, the gates are closing… Party GTFOs.
  • During the 3-day trip towards Wyrmwood Village

    • Clitolas finds a pseudodragon being attacked by a Giant Constrictor Snake and saves it. Meet Belzebub(?)
    • Party hears the supernatural sound of a wolf howling in the night. Viktor deduces that those are howls of a werewolf.
  • Party arrives at Wyrmwood Village
  • Welsh asks party nervously to meet up with him later, he has something he needs to do first.
  • Party press on the matter to hear what is wrong
  • After some investigative work, party finds out that he has to deliver a highly illegal substance to his sister Alice, who is sick. Welsh got this substance from the thieves guild. That is how the guild could strongarm Welsh so easily, because he needs it to help his sister, but nobody can know about his sister's affliction. 
  • Party accompanies Welsh to the mill where Alice and her husband Bob live. Party finds out that Alice has been bitten by a werewolf, the substance (Moonshade Essence) is the only thing that can keep the lycanthropy from overtaking her body.
  • Party makes a deal with Welsh, Viktor will make a cure for Alice, if Welsh promises to keep silent about their agreement, about the party accompanying him to Wyrmwood Village, to act like he never met them before. Welsh agrees with the deal.
  • Party then moves on to the village, where preparation for the festival of Pelor on summer solstice is underway. Already there are games and music.
  • Party joins in some of the fun:

    • Copros participates in the armwrestling competition and wins.
    • Clitolas buys the strongest drink he can find from a dwarven merchant from Bhar Darihm, and gets so wasted he can't talk anymore and can hardly walk.
    • Phallus races against the gnome Ashe Tealeaf and wins.
    • Copros participates in the dance at dusk, and seduces one of the ladies present with his sensual Tecktonik moves. However, his dancing skill are a bit better than his love making skills…
  • Party asks Ashe to accompany them on the hunt for the werewolf, Ashe agrees as nobody has bested her before in a race.
  • Party retires to the inn, and meet Gus the innkeeper. He tells them a bit more about the guild and its history. Party ask him if he knows anything about a werewolf, but Gus says he doesnt.


Session 2 - Delving below Windkeep Citadel

The party wakes up the next day in the Full Star Inn, right before first light. They go downstairs and order breakfast with the old Chiu Lay. Chiu thanks them again for protecting his Lily from the bully Mortin, and the party learns that Lily is being courted by Reginald, the captain of the guard in the Alabaster Promenade. They have some friendly banter, and after a couple minutes, Welsh Notley arrives. 

He comes forward and asks if the party is ready. Then with a big smile he gets out a pack and retrieves some weird looking, knitted bags from the pack. He presents them to the party as the ballwarmers they had asked for and gives each member of the party their ball warmer. After some talk the party follows Welsh out of the in.

They walk through Dawnside that is slowly starting to wake up. They cross the Stonecut Bazaar, where some merchants already are standing in their stalls, praising their wares. Eventually they arrive at the house/store of Welsh. A man is standing outside, clad in black thights, a black vest and a white shirt, it's an elderly man. The man walks up to the party as he sees them with a distraught look on his face. He steps towards Welsh and tells his master that the carts had been stolen from the warehouse in the night. The only thing that was left was a mysterious note which he hadn't dared to open.

The party immediate suspects the old man of having something to do with this. But Welsh defends the man and says that Walt has been serving his family for ages and that he was innocent. The party investigates the warehouse and finds tracks of the cart leading outside of the warehouse. After some more investigation, they find a hidden door, connecting the warehouse to a back alley in the streets. After that the party opens the letter…

The letter said that the Thieves' Guild took the cargo, and if Welsh wanted it back, he needed to bring his newly acquired guard to Maple leaf Square in the Alabaster Promenade. There is some discussion whether the party wants to cooperate with this, as this wasn't part of the contract. After some haggling, Welsh proposes paying them more money if they cooperate with this. The party agrees, on condition that they go to the city guard first. They knew the guard captain (Reginald) was the lover of Lily (the barmaid from Full Star Inn), and wanted some extra security before they meet up with the Thieves' Guild.

The party, being in the Artisan's District, then goes down to the Alabaster Promenade, the biggest city district at the base of the city. It takes a while, but eventually they arrive at the main guard post in the Alabaster Promenade. A beautiful tall building, located in the middle of the large white-tiled promenade (hence the name) that goes from Dawnside's main gate, all the way up to the first inner wall of the city. The wall marking the border between the Alabaster Promenade and the Artisan's District. The guards outside stop them and ask what their business is. The party quickly explains what transpired and say they want to meet with the captain. Some time goes by but eventually the guards lead them inside and say the captain will receive the party in his office.

They meet with Reginald, who first thanks them for the whole situation with Mortin. He also warns them that Mortin isn't the type of guy who will let this humiliation easily go.  The party then tells the captain what transpired. To their surprise, the captain tells them to go along with it. The last couple of days, things had been going on in the city. He had gotten orders to highten the security, send out more patrols, but hadn't received information why he had to do that. His city is really important to him, and he wanted to know what was going on, so he could better protect his city. He had a hunch that maybe the Thieves' Guild had something to do with the higher-ups being so on edge. He asks the party to go along with it, report back to him after the meeting with the Thieves' Guild. He promises the party to send some of his guards along, disguised as civilians, should something go wrong. He knows the square and said he would be able to get his guard in position unnoticed. The party, at first reluctantly, decides to help the captain with this plan.

The party departs from the city guard's HQ. Welsh shows the party the way to the Maple leaf Square. The party tries to see if some guards are following them, but they don't notice anything and trust that Cpt Reginald will keep his word. After walking for about 15 minutes, they arrive at the square. In the center of the square is a statue under a single maple tree, some benches are spread in the square. There are some people walking around, but they don't see anyone that could be their contact for the Thieves' Guild. Suddenly they hear some melodic whisteling. They look around and eventually see a hooded figure, partly hidden in the shadows of a small alley that opens onto the square. The hooded figure subtly motions the party to come over. The party looks around again to see if some guards are around. They don't see any guards, but see a group of males approaching the square. The party then approaches the mysterious figure. The figure starts talking to the party. He says that the party shouldn't have brought guards along, that made it only more difficult for them. Viktor getting frustrated orders his unseen servant to pull off the hood of this shady figure. To the surprise of the party, Roland is standing in front of them, the guy that they had played a dice game with in the tavern. Furious he pulls the hood up again and orders the party to follow him if they want to get their precious cargo back. The party doesn't want to follow Roland where the guards can't protect them, but Welsh begs them to go with Roland. And so the party follows Roland, into the dark alley. Then Roland starts running, yelling back that they need to shake of the annoying guards that followed the party. The party runs, and they seem to just run in random directions, sometimes just making loops. After a while Roland stops in front of a house that is boarded up completely, with some dirty and empty barrels and crates lying in a heap in front of the house. Roland looks to the party with a grin, and moves some barrels away. A hatch appears where the barrels first stood. He opens the hatch and motions the party to follow him. "Welcome to the Shadow Glades".

The party follows Roland down a ladder. It's dark, but some shafts of sunlight from above pierce the darkness in some places, giving the place an eerie feel. The party realizes they are now in the ruins of the ancient city, upon which Dawnside had been built. Roland leads them further down a corridor, until they reach a torch-lit circular room, with in the middle a single table with a single chair. Three other dark corridors come out on this circular room. On the chair is sitting another hooded figure. The figure is not so big, and has the stature of a child. As the figure pulls of his hood, they look into the face of a seemingly innocent child. Bright trusting eyes, a white teethed smile, brown curly locks. This is a halfling. He introduces himself as Robbie, or Robbie the hand, and he has a proposition for the party.

Robbie, with a sly grin on his face, tells the party that he has the goods of Welsh in a secure location. They could get them back, but in return they needed to do a simple task for Robbie, deliver a package in Windkeep Citadel. Seeing that they were quite new in the city, and not tied to the thieves' guild, they would have an easier time doing it. To get to the windkeep citadel, they needed to get through the wall between the Artisan's District and the Cloudtop District. And seeing how much security had increased the last couple days, there was no way that any of the guild's member would be able to gain passage. However, Welsh would easily gain access, as he had business contacts at the Skyport in the Cloudtop District. The party first refuses, and want no part in this Thieves' Guild business, but again Welsh reminds them of the deal and begs them to help him. Also, Robbie promises them a favor that they could collect with the Guild, if they did this for him. Eventually the party comes round and agrees to deliver this package. Robbie gets out a small box, it looks inconspicuous. On closer inspection, they see stilized snakes on the dark ebony wooden box. Robbie warns them not to mess with the box, or try to open it, they would regret it… He then tells them how and where they needed to drop the box. He tells them about a secret passageway that goes below the Citadel's walls, and comes out into, what he calls, the Falcons' Nest. They can enter the passageway via a crack in the wall in one of the Skyport hangars, Welsh could lead them there. They needed to drop the box behind a bale of hay in the falcons' nest. If they manage to do the drop successfully, then they need to report back to Roland in the Full Star Inn, with the message "Lady Luck is smiling". The party has a little verbal discussion with Robbie, especially Viktor who doesn't like the brat at all. But eventually they set out to do this job.

The party leaves the compound and decides to just get this done so they can leave this city and get on with their original mission, to escort Welsh to Wyrmwood Village. They set out for Cloudtop District immediately, without reporting back to Captain Reginald. They walk/run at a high tempo, Welsh has a difficult time to keep up with the party. They approach the gates of Cloudtop District, and a guard steps forward with the intention to block their way. But Welsh, huffing and puffing, yells out to the guard "It's okay Dalun, they are with me". And so the party gains entry to the Cloudtop District. It's a beautiful place, with wide streets, green parks, estates and villas. But the party just goes straight to the Skyport, of which they can see the tower with the skydocks from a great distance already. They arrive at the Skyport, and Welsh shows them the way to the hangar Robbie was talking about. Inside the party sees a lot of barrels and bags contain all sorts of food, resources, items. They start searching, and quickly they find a crack in the wall. They move away the heap of bags in front of it, and can see a dark tunnel behind the crack. All of the party, except for Copros who decided to stand guard, squirm through the crack into the tunnel. A big circular grate blocks the way, with some  effort they manage to overcome the obstacle and now the party is standing in the dark tunnel, supposedly leading into the Windkeep Citadel. 

The party follows the tunnel, which slowly slopes up. Eventually they arrive at a big circular room. It looks like some kind of old courtyard. The center of the courtyard is dominated by an old statue that lies mostly in ruin, debris filling the courtyard. Phallus decides to enter the room to proceed with their assignment. However, upon entering he suddenly hears so shrieks and scratches. 8 Giant rats shoot from the shadows towards Phallus. Before he can reacts he falls to the ground unconscious, battle erupts…

Copros hearing the commotion in the tunnel starts sprinting in the direction of the sounds of battle. A short but fierce battle erupts. Phallus unconscious on the ground, and on the brink of dying an untimely death was saved just in time by Viktor Kray. After the battle the party investigates the courtyard and find some ancient silverware beneath some heaps of dirt and rubble.

After the battle, the party inspects the courtyard more closely to find their way into Windkeep Citadel. At the opposite side of the courtyard, they discern the front of an ancient building with a portcullis. Inside are two large staircases, however one of the staircases is inaccessible because of rubble and debris. The party checks for traps and sea that there is a riddle inscribed on the first 4 steps. They quickly solve the riddle and proceed up the stairway…

On the next floor the party finds 2 doors, behind one of the doors is just an old well and not much else. Behind the second door, the party finds an old laboratory of some kind. Bookshelves fill the walls, tables with decayed laboratory gear, books turned to dust… This is a very old place. A poignant smell of burning is hanging in the room.. Suddenly the party sees a red flash, they look up and see some an Inferno Spider in one of the corners of the laboratory. Another battle erupts, Viktor gets webbed by the spider and gets some nasty burns from the burning spiderwebs. However the party manages to free Viktor and kill the foul spider.

The party searches the room, they find an old spellbook. Clitolas also finds a book 'The lusty dragonborn maiden'. Clitolas also procures some poison from the dead spider's poison glands. During their search, the party finds a door to a storeroom in the back of the laboratory. In the storeroom they see shelves with broken bottles. As they enter, a rat is drinking from one of the bottles on the floor. The potion reads 'potion of enlargement'. The kill of the rat and take the vials that are still intact. 

The party procures:

  • 2x potion of healing
  • potion of invisibility
  • potion of vitality

In the back of the storeroom, another crack in the wall is visible. The party pushes through and find themselves in another tunnel. This one leading up steeply. After a short while, they can see daylight in the distance. They arrived at the Falcons' Nest! They quickly put the mysterious little box in behind a pile of hay in one of the empty stable boxes. The party hears the sound of feathers rustling and some 'caws'. They wisely decide to get the hell out of there and quickly return to the Full Star Inn.

At the Inn they meet up with Roland and give him the message 'Lady Luck is Smiling'. The party offers Roland a drink to celebrate their success. Behind his back, Clitolas puts the spider venom in the drink of Roland. The party raises their glasses for a toast and with a big gulp they empty their tankards. After a couple seconds, Roland turns pale and asks the party with a numb tongue what they had done. He starts vomiting uncontrollably. The party tells him that that will teach him a lesson for fucking with their group, and that he has to leave them alone from now on. Roland his eyes shoot fire, as he limps outside, he calls out that he will get his revenge, Robbie will hear of this!

After this, the party talks to Welsh, tell them all is well, and that they probably should leave as early as possible tomorrow because they have a very bad feeling about what they just did. They retire to their rooms and prepare to leave before first light.



Session 1 - A proper f#cking bar fight

It's a nice day in Dawnside. Our party of adventurers is headed to the Full Star Inn, in the Artisan District, as they found a job notice a couple days earlier, asking to meet in the inn. The streets are bustling with activity. Merchants praising their wares, boys running through the streets playing, porters pushing their carts, … Finally, their destination comes in sight. A two story building, on the corner of one of the streets in the busy Artisan District.

The party:

  • Akrisae - Human Paladin
  • Clitolas – Wood Elf Ranger
  • Copros – Goliath Barbarian
  • Phallus Niger – Half Elf Monk
  • Viktor Kray - Human Wizard

The party enters the building, they are a bit early so they decide to grab a drink. Behind the bar is an old Wuxian gentleman cleaning glasses. A beatiful red head is going around serving drinks, and a couple of tables are occupied by customers.

A guy at one of the tables asks if anybody is interested in throwing some dice. He introduces himself as Roland. Some of the party throw some dice, and they manage to win some gold.

Some time goes by, not much happens, until a group of rough looking miners walk in. The leader of the group, a balding guy with a beer belly. He approaches the group, and with an arrogant voice, he says that they are sitting at his table. A staredown, and some intimidation later, the bully decides that another table is as good as the one the party is sitting at.

The party and the group of miners give eachother some filthy stares. Viktor casts unseen servant and ties the shoe laces of some of the miners together. When Lily comes by, the party starts talking with them, not to the liking of the bully. The bully jumps up and aggressively approaches the party. He starts yelling that they shouldn't bother his woman. Viktor's unseen servant then drops the pants of the bully. That was the spark that ignited the fire. The bully starts a fight, the other miners join their leader.

After an epic brawl, most of the miners lie unconscious, together with their leader. The others decide that it's not worth it and flee the scene. After the brawl, the party started ridiculing the bully. Viktor healed the bully so he was conscious again, upon with Copros promptly took him to the toilet, where he and Clitolas gave him a swirly, much to the delight of the other customers. It turns out that the bully is Mortin Kneight, son of Tobin Kneight, the wealthiest man in Dawnside. Mortin had been troubling a lot of people, and nobody had dared to do anything as most people in Dawnside either worked for the Kneight family or had family that worked for them.

After the fight the party hears laughter and clapping from the doorway. A fat ugly man, with a friendly face is standing there, holding his belly that's shaking from laughter. He introduces himself as Welsh Notley, the one who put up the notice for the job, their contact.

They go upstairs with Welsh, and there they discuss the details of the job. The party has to escort him and his wares to Wyrmwood Village where there will be a festival soon. The party haggles for their reward, and asks for ballsack warmers for all the party members. Welsh agrees and asks them to be ready at first light, at that time Welsh will come pick up the party at the inn and take them to the carts they need to escort.


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